The IPTV That Offers You More Than You Ask.

The most powerful IPTV provider in the market, where we use latest technologies and top servers to provide you with a service of optimal quality to follow your favorite programs quickly.




Our IPTV service is the fruit of our 4 Years experience, our goal is to satisfy our clients, give them the best experience possible and build a long term relationship with them, we have the most stable and powerful servers on the market with no buffering or freeze at all.
Our IPTV service makes it faster, easier and cheaper than ever to watch everything you want with a clear, high-quality picture.


Anti Freeze™ 3.0

Using Anti-Freeze Technology, You do not need to worry about the stability of the server.

Watch Any Device!

Our IPTV service works on any device such as TVs, Smartphones, FireStick, Mag…

Live Supoort 24/7

We offer in-depth tutorials and client support to make installation, quick and simple.

High Quality

We offer best in class quality. We have SD/HD/FHD/2K/4K.

13,000 channels

13,000 channels & 64K VOD’s (Movies + tv show) absolutely worldwide


Our Server offers 72H Catchup for the channels that are offering Catchup from the source


Our movie library is constantly updated with the latest movies.

Fast Delivery

Our team working around the clock to deliver your subscription in less than 4h


We have been working and developing continuously for 4 years


Most stable app server and engineer team over 4 years.

 You Get 16,000 Ordinary & Premium Channels Instantly.

 You Get Over 86,000 Movies & 14,000 TV Shows (VOD’s).

 No More Expensive Cable Bills.

 Solid IPTV Service, Without Buffering and Freezing (Stable Internet Required).

 Our IPTV Service is Always Up 99,99 % of the Time!

 Solid IPTV Service, Without Buffering and Freezing (Stable Internet Required).

 You Get 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

 You Get the Best Quality/Price In The Market.

 You Get 24/7 Customer Service Via WhatsApp or Ticketing System.

Advantages of Multi Connections

Many of our competitors have their Servers based in India With a multiScreen account, you will be able to enjoy TV on many devices at the same time without any interruption. Our MultiScreen accounts are not IP locked, which means you even can have one account in one house and another in a different house or country. You can set up an account on a smart TV and set up the same account with the same features on your smartphone and enjoy watching your favorite programmes or games.

& other Asian markets – our Servers are all based in Europe, to give you the fastest stream times and consistently high quality of service.

USA & European-based Servers

USA & European-based Servers
Many of our competitors have their servers based in India & other
Asian markets – our servers are all based in Europe and some of them
are based in the USA, to give you the fastest stream time and a high quality
of service.

Our Pricing

With ITEC IPTV Your Favorite Shows and Channels on Any Device, From Any Location.

Dulplex Play App Exclusif Activation

As you probably know, Duplex play activation is hard to do these days since duplex app has shut down, no worries, we've got you back, we can activate your app .

(1-Year Activation Key)

Activate Your Duplex App Now

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10k+ Satisfied Customers

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Get Channels From USA UK Canada Europe And All The Countries Around The World!

ITEC IPTV subscription provider offers channels from all around the world in one IPTV subscription plan, USA UK Canada Ireland Spain Romania South Africa Thailand Italia Germany France Belgium Luxembourg Netherlands Austria Brazil Bulgaria China Colombia Czech Finland Hungary Iran Israel Japan Macedonia Malaysia Malta Norway Poland Russia Singapore Slovenia Sweden Switzerland Vietnam Albania Portugal Greece India Pakistan Turkish, Arabic and many others.

× From today onwards, you will be able to buy your IPTV subscription via Paypal, Credit Cards or even Wester Union payments and receive a discount