Dear customer,
We received your payment and we will be sending you a confirmation email to the address that you provided us during the checkout.

Our team will be preparing your order in the coming 2-6h and sent it to you to the same email address.

Please be patient and don’t worry.

In order to get your order faster please do the steps below:

  • Send an email to [email protected] with your order number in subject like this “Please Dispatch Order ITECxxxx ASAP”
  • Send a request to WhatsApp number: +1 (250) 900-2684

In case of delay due to high volume of orders that we are receiving every day, please contact our billing team via WhatsApp and provide your name, email and order confirmation number (ITECxxxx), we will answer your request and help you out ASAP.

Again, thanks for trusting us and we hope that you enjoy your new IPTV Subscription.

Best Regards

Purchase Confirmation Team